The Image Area

The Image Area is your main viewport.  It usually displays one image at a time, albeit in the future it will be possible to display several images together.

Within your viewport, your mouse pointer will change to a cross to more clearly indicate what pixel you are pointing at.

You can manipulate the viewport using your mouse and hotkeys in a similar way to how maya and 3dmax work.  Using your mousewheel you are able to zoom in and out from the pixel your cursor is pointing at.

Using the
you can select an area.  The main purpose of selecting an area currently is to get the color information of the whole area.  See The Color Area Window.

Using the
, you can scroll around the image canvas.

Using the
, you can zoom in and out of the location where the mouse is pointing at.

Using the
Shift + Mouse Move
, you can scrub the movie or image sequence to pinpoint a section of it.

Using the
, you can bring up a context sensitive menu:
- The submenu allows you to load or save images, sequences or movie files. Depending on the format you choose to save your image in, you will likely get a requester with options.
- The submenu is the same as the button in the top toolbar and allows you to access all the subwindows of mrViewer.
- The submenu allows you to toggle the safe areas of the image, display window, data window, film masking, and HUD display.
- The submenu allows you to switch to the previous or next image in the reel or edl, allows you to clone the current frame (useful when mrViewer is used as a viewer to renders), attach an ICC profile or CTL script, set the image as a background image and toggle the display of the bg image.
- The submenu allows you to attach and detach a new or different audio channel to the sequence or video.
- The submenu allows you to copy the pixel values to paste them in some other application.
- The submenu allows you to attach an ICC color profile or CTL script to the display.