mrViewer supports stereo images, sequences and movie files. Stereo OpenEXR images (.sxr) are supported natively. For others, to load a stereo sequence, you can rely on them being named with left/right or L/R prefix.
So for example, you'd have on disk:



The keywords left-right can be controlled by the environment variable
. The L/R characters can be controlled by the environment variable
. Example:

export MRV_STEREO_NAME_PAIRS=izquierda:derecha

To refer to these files in the command line you'd use the
(for L/R) or
(for left/right) stand-ins.

mrViewer dc56.%V.@@@@.exr

The files will appear in this same way in the file requester when you try to load them.

In addition to the above, mrViewer allows loading two sequences or one sequence and one movie file command-line for stereo playback. For that, it is needed to specify both with the -s shortcut (--stereo). For example:

mrViewer -s -s ba25-fg.%04d.png

The first image specified is taken to be the left eye, while the second invocation is taken to be the right eye.

Note that the --stereo option does not play well with images that already have the left/right prefix in their names.

The Types of Stereo Supported are controlled in the 3D Stereo Options Window, Output option.