Reel List Window

reelList.png You can bring up the Reel List window by doing any of:
  • Opening up the window from the main toolbar's button.
  • By using

The Reel List Window allows you to see all reels loaded as well as all images loaded in the currently active reel.
It also allows you to perform some additional operations on the images loaded.

A reel is basically a list of images stored under a particular name.  This list of images can be reordered simply by doing drag and drop of the image.  You can also quickly switch from one image or movie to another by clicking on any item on the list.

mrViewer allows you to also load reels (.reel files) from the command line or by doing drag and drop.  When loading a reel, all the images listed in the reel will be loaded.

The reel window also allows you to open a new image or movie, save the current image or frame, make a clone of the current image (useful for 3d renders) or remove the image from the reel.
You can also attach a new CTL transform (3D Lut) to an image, make an image always appear as part of the background or play back the whole reel as an EDL.

Compositing Images

mrViewer supports some basic, non destructive A over B compositing.  This compositing is for display purposes only and it is not intended for saving composited images.

Within the Reel List Window, it is possible to select an image and then click on the BG button to make that image be a background image.  Afterwards, you can then switch to a new image and the background image will be displayed in the background.  The background image is always stretched to fit the size of the foreground image.

The main purpose of this feature is to allow you to interactively see your 3d renders over a background plate.  This works particularly well when reading a foreground image that is a file that changes on disk or when reading a virtual image, such as a mental ray render stub.

Playing Movies as an EDL Reel

One feature of mrViewer is that it allows you to display multiple sequences or movies together.  If you load several files into a reel, you can then toggle EDL mode on and off from the Reel List Window.
The EDL mode allows you to show all movies in a reel one after the other, as if all of them had been edited together into a big movie file.

Removing Images from Reel List

Once you are done with some image sequence or movie file you might want to get rid of it. To do so, select the image in the reel list window and press theDelete key (