User Interface Preferences

The User Interface Preferences allow you to configure how the mrViewer's interface and main window looks once mrViewer is started.

allows you to make the mrViewer's window appear always on top of all other application windows.  This can be useful when using mrViewer as a render viewer.

allows you to have only a single mrViewer. If other viewers are opened, they will send their images to the original mrViewer window. Note that for mrViewer to know whether it is open it relies on writing a lock file in your preferences directory ( $HOME/.filmaura ). If mrViewer crashes, you may need to remove that lock file manually.

This option makes images be centered and zoomed out properly for viewing every time. Note, however, that this refitting happens every time you switch images or load new ones, so you should turn it off if you are trying to compare two images at a certain zoom factor.

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allows you to switch how mrViewer starts.  Fullscreen will try to maximize the window of mrViewer to cover your screen space.  Presentation mode is like Fullscreen but will remove all windows and toolbars.  Normal mode sizes the window of mrViewer based on the first image or movie file loaded (and its pixel ratio).

This section allows you to toggle which windows and portions of mrViewer appear as soon as mrViewer is opened.