The Paint Window

You can bring up the Paint Window by doing any of:
  • Opening up the window from the main toolbar's button.
  • By using

mrViewer supports some paint operations to be used as grease pencil markers. With the paint tools instead of the area selection tool, you can draw, erase and add text to any movie or file sequence. You can even share these drawings across a network connection to other clients of the mrViewer that acts as a server.

The Paint tool contains, from top to bottom, left to right, the color area selection button (default), the grease pencil tool which allows you to draw with the color and pen size you select below, the text tool for adding single lines of text, and the eraser tool to partially erase some of the drawings.

You can select any of the tools and
will perform the operation of the tool.
In drawing or erasing the tool will allow you to draw as you drag. In the case of the text tool, a popup first allows you to select the text, font and font size you will use for the text. After you set that, you can position the text by dragging.
The second row of the tools allows you to select whether the drawing you make is used in all frames or only in the current frame of the movie.
The drawings you make can have ghosting on for the previous and for the next frame. This allows you to see the frame previous or following and thus helps you to draw animations one frame at a time.
Finally, the last row contains two arrows which allow you to undo or redo the last shapes drawn. The undo buffer contains no limit other than the memory of your computer.