Installing mrViewer

Installation of mrViewer can be done simply by decompressing the zip file (Windows) or the gzip tar file (Linux). This can be done with the utilities unzip or winzip (Windows) or tar in Linux.

$ unzip mrViewer-v${VERSION}

$ tar -xf mrViewer-v${VERSION}-Linux-64.tgz

Since v2.6.7, mrViewer is distributed with installers for each platform. The Windows installer will run and create a menu item to the start menu and, optionally, create an icon in the desktop, as well as modify the PATH environment variable. Note that if you modify the PATH variable, you may not run the 32 bits version of mrViewer together with the 64 bits version. You may also run into problems with other programs that use some of the libraries of mrViewer. The Linux installers will register an entry in the DEB or RPM databases and install in:
The utilities dpkg (DEB) or rpm (RPM) will additionally create symlinks in /usr/bin/ and install the icon in /usr/share/applications which will show in the menus (Graphics). The icon will also be copied to the user's Desktop.

directory among all things contains the file mrViewer.exe (Windows) or (Linux). Running this file or any of the icons will start the viewer.