Media Information Window

You can bring up the Media Information window by doing any of:
  • Opening up the window from the main toolbar's button.
  • By using
  • By double clicking on an image in the Reel List window.

The Image Information window displays detailed information about the image, movie or sequence being displayed in the foreground.  
Some of these attributes may be interactively modified, either to change the display behavior of the image or to modify how an image is saved.

The available information is:

Image Tab

Attribute Explanation
Directory refers to the directory where the file resides.
Filename refers to the filename(s) the movie, image or sequence refers to.
Sequence true if the filename refers to a whole sequence of images, false if it refers to a single image or movie.
Width the actual width of the image, sequence or movie.
Height the actual height of the image, sequence of movie.
Aspect Ratio the actual aspect ratio of the image (ie. resolution width / resolution height ).
Pixel Ratio the shape of the pixels in the image.  A pixel ratio of 1 refers to square pixels (like those of a printer or monitor).  A different value refers to pixels for other media (usually, NTSC or PAL video).
Display Window The Display Window of the image (OpenEXR).
Data Window The Data Window of the image (OpenEXR).
Depth the color depth of each channel (8-bit, 16-bit, or 32-bit for float images).
Image Channels Number of image channels in the image.
Rendering Intent The embedded rendering intent for this image.
Gamma the built-in gamma of the image.
IDT Transform
Any Input Device Transform (IDT) CTL (Color Transformation Language). This transform turns, for example, a log camera image into a linear one.
LMT Transform (1..etc)
Any Look Mod Transform (LMT) in CTL (Color Transformation Language). These transforms handle color corrections, like those of a bleach pass, or an ASC_CDL SOP (Slope Offset Pivot), Sat (Saturation) correction. It may also work in a more friendly image color space such as ACEScg.
Render Transform
Any embedded CTL (Color Transformation Language) rendering transform.
ICC Profile Any embedded ICC (International Color Consortium) profile in the image.
Format the format of the image.
Line Order The line order of the image (if applicable)
Memory The amount of memory the image uses.
Disk space The amount of disk space the image uses (only applicable if the image is on the filesystem)
Compression Compression type used to save the image.  Some formats allow changing the compression type before saving.
Compression Ratio The percentage of compression (ie. the difference between the space the image uses on memory and the space it uses on disk)
Creation Date the date the image was created or last modified.

Metadata Tab

If an image contains EXIF, IPTC or other attributes, they will be listed in this tab. With the RMB, you can add, toggle modification or remove any of the attributes.

Adding an Attribute

You add an attribute by going to in the media info window.
When adding an attribute, you need to select the type of attribute, the keyword name for it, as well as its value. Note that the type of attribute is kept only in OpenEXR images. All other formats that support attributes (MIFF, PNG) will turn any attribute into a string attribute.

Modifying an Attribute

If you want to modify an attribute, you need to toggle its state with the . As a shortcut, you can select which will toggle all attributes. Once it is active, you can type in the new value for the attribute and then press TAB to exit and have the value take effect. If the value does not match the attribute type, you will get a popup with an error in it.

Removing an Attribute

You remove an attribute by going to in the media info window. When removing an attribute, you need to select the keyword name for it.

Video Tab

Attribute Explanation
Codec Video codec used in the movie
Streams Number of video streams in movie file
FPS Playback speed ( in Frames per Second )
Start Time of start of video
Duration Duration of video

Audio Tab

Attribute Expalanation
Codec Audio coded used in movie or audio file
Streams Number of audio streams in movie or audio file
Channels Number of audio channels in movie or audio file
FrequencyAudio frequency of movie or audio file (in bytes per second)
Avg. Bitrate Average bitrate of audio
Language Language of audio track if known
Start Time of start of audio
Duration Duration of audio

Subtitle Tab

Codec Subtitle codec used in the movie
FourCC FourCC name of codec if any
Avg. Bitrate Average bitrate of titles if possible to compute
Start Time of start of subtitles
Duration Duration of subtitles