File Formats

mrViewer supports a number of image formats for reading and writing.  Here's a brief summary of them:






.avi AVI Yes No All Channels, all codecs
.bmp Microsoft's Bitmap Yes Yes
.cin Cineon Yes No
.ct mental ray floating point color images Yes No
.dds Microsoft Direct Draw Surface Yes No
.dpx DPX Yes No
.exr ILM OpenEXR Yes Yes All Channels and Layers displayed
.gif GIF Yes Yes
.iff Maya IFF Yes No
.jpeg JPEG Yes Yes
.map mental ray textures Yes No Only non-tiled maps supported
.mi mental ray network render file stubs Yes No Floating point connections
.mov Quicktime Movies Yes No
.mpeg Motion Pictures Group Yes No
.nt mental ray floating point normal images Yes No
.ogg OGG Yes No
.pdf Adobe Postscript Yes No Single page, converted to a bitmap
.pic Softimage pic Yes No
.png PNG Yes Yes
.psd Photoshop Yes Yes All Layers displayed, paths and vector graphics lost
.reel mrViewer's reel (EDL) files Yes Yes
.rpf Autodesk 3DS Rich Picture Format Yes No Some layers supported
.shmap mental ray floating point shadow maps Yes No
.st mental ray floating point scalar images Yes No
.tga Targa Yes Yes
.tif TIFF Yes Yes All Layers displayed
.vob DVD Video Yes No
.wmv Microsoft WMV Yes No WMV9 supported, but slow
.z Renderman Shadow Maps Yes No
.zt mental ray floating point z-depth images Yes No