EDL Edit Window

You can bring up the EDL Edit window by doing any of:
  • Opening up the window from the main toolbar's button.
  • By using

The EDL Edit Window allows you to see a reel as a timeline EDL and allows you to perform non-destructive edits on the movie files loaded.

An EDL is basically a list of images stored under a particular name.  This list of images can be reordered simply by doing drag and drop of the image in the Reel window or in the EDL Edit window.  You can also quickly switch from one image or movie to another by clicking on any item on the EDL.

mrViewer allows you to zoom into a timeline bar of the EDL by pressing the
key. You can also zoom out to see all bars of the EDL by pressing

The Editing of the EDL is done by selecting with the
the start or ending of an EDL timebar and dragging left or right according to where you want more or less frames to show. While dragging the current frame is displayed in the main viewer window.

The EDL Window has a cut tool, next to the new reel tool, which allows cutting the first timeline's movie files into different pieces. The new piece can be removed with the
or shifted in time.
There's also a merge tool (band-aid) to reverse the output of the cutting tool. You place yourself near the edge of the cut and press the merge tool. For the merge to be successful the movie files or sequences must be the same and the last frame of the left clip must match the start of the right clip.
Finally, the EDL Window has a BG button which places the currently selected timeline in the BG of the viewer. This button is identical to the one in the Reel List window.