The 3d View Window

You can bring up the 3D View Window by doing any of:
  • Opening up the window from the main toolbar's button.
  • By using

mrViewer supports a 3D View window to display the deep data associated to deep scanline and deep tiled OpenEXR images. This depth information is displayed in a 3D view for easier checking.

The 3D View allows translating the view by dragging with the
. It supports rotating around the center by dragging with the
. And it supports zooming with either the
mouse wheel
or dragging with the

The data for the 3D View is loaded on demand while the window is open. The data is not cached so it will not allow the playback of an image sequence in real time. For images that don't carry deep data, nothing will be shown in the 3D View.

In addition to the mouse operations, the window supports some customizable hotkeys. By default,
will fit the view and reset all transformations. The hotkey
will decrease the density of the points (ie. how many are displayed) for faster feedback. The hotkey
will do the opposite, raising the density of the points in the view. The
hotkey will increase the Z depth by using a multiplier. While the
hotkey will decrease the Z depth by reducing the multiplier.
If the hotkeys or mouse movements don't work it is very likely the window has lost its focus. To fix this, just click on the window's top bar.